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Flourish + Fern

Book Art Workshops | @ ReRead Books CHESHIRE

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Combining collage, book art, and mixed media play, this altered books art journaling workshop offers a creative journey guided by local artist and Cheshire native, Lauren Smith of Flourish + Fern—book lover, plant-mom, and thrifting enthusiast.

Looking for a new eco-friendly creative hobby that incorporates your love of repurposing/upcycling?! Look no further and save things from the landfill while you learn how to create artistic masterpieces out of found objects. Time to put that old “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” mantra into action, and get in the creative flow while doing it!

In this workshop, you'll utilize basic skills like cutting, gluing, inking, and painting to breathe new creative life into old texts. From selecting the perfect book to sourcing materials and preparing pages, this workshop will guide you through everything you need to know to get started with book altering.

The workshop will offer prompts and overview favorite techniques to ignite your imagination and creativity, with a nature inspired spin from Flourish + Fern. After this class, you'll view old books in a whole new light.

Materials are provided, and students are also welcome to bring any photos /memorabilia you may like to incorporate in your project.

Learn how to:
⁃ Select books for altering
⁃ Set up your “canvases”/Prep pages 
⁃ Create a blackout poem
⁃ Make windows and doors
⁃ Create pockets, tucks, and envelopes
⁃ Incorporate texture / decoupage
⁃ Add fold-out features
⁃ Collage with found items /ephemera
⁃ Add 3-D elements
⁃ Use natural dying techniques for paper alteration

Participants welcome to BYOB + snacks


Date: May 31 or June 28
Time: 6:00pm